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This is a new page for all stats from all leagues

High Starts - 121 or more

J Adams (Wheatsheaf A) 160

M Langford (Beacon) 160

D Hignett (Seven Stars B) 148

H Lewis (Telepost) 148

A Jones (BITB 'B') 146

A Hale (Telegraph A) 125

High Checkouts -100 or more

C Scott (Beacon) 154

T Butler (Coracle A) 134

A Hilditch (Masonic A) 134

D Rogers (Coracle A) 124

N Grove (Comp Ladies) 122

K Walker (Rock B) 116

A Jebb (Heathgates (SWA) 116

S Clarke (Rock B) 113

R Woodhouse (Cressgae Club B) 112

P Evans (Anchor F/Well) 109

B Walmsley (Monkmoor A) 106


180 table

Sacha Rothwell (Anchor F/Well)  x 2

H Elms (Seven Stars A) 

A Jebb (Heathgates (SWA)

R Price (Heathgates B)

M Blower (Heathgates B)

W Patrick (IOTG B) 

N Jones (H.S.C A)

S Murph (Seven Stars B) 177

least darts (9 darts or less)

D Rogers (Coracle A) 9 darts - 37,140,124

T Lee (Seven Stars A) 9 darts 111,100,90

S Murph (Seven Stars B) 9 darts 112,177,12

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