£1400 raised for Ronald Mcdonald House


This years chairty raised £1400 for the Ronald Mcdonald House, courtesy of all the SDDL players and Supporters on Monday 15th August 2016

What they Do


We give our families a warm and welcoming environment within which they can stay for as long as they need – be it a matter of days, months or even years. Our Houses are equipped with everything you would expect to find in your own home including bedrooms, a kitchen and communal areas.  Where possible they also have quiet spaces for children to do their school work and for parents to work remotely – in this way we ensure families can still operate together, as they would at home. Families can cook, clean, rest and be together, all the time knowing that they are only moments away from their child in hospital.


Having a sick child can impact families across all areas of their lives. Time, money, stress, loss of education and loss of earnings are but a few of the ways in which families can be affected by their child being cared for in hospital. We work with families to allow them to focus on supporting their child and do our utmost to lessen the other stresses. Children that require specialist medical care can often be in hospital for months or even years at a time. With the help of our supporters we enable families to stay together during these times so that as much normality as is possible can be maintained. We believe families together are stronger


How they Help

Our Houses give families somewhere to lay their heads at night while their child is in hospital. Our accommodation is provided free of charge and for as long as families need it, sparing them some of the financial issues that can arise during a prolonged hospital stay. According to a recent report by BLISS, families with a sick baby in hospital can face unexpected extra expenses of up to £2,000 per hospital visit. Ronald McDonald Houses enable parents to stay as close as possible to the children's ward and in doing so greatly reduce the need to travel and all of its associated stresses and costs.

Further, results of a recent study conducted at our House in Oxford show clearly that family members were able to sleep better and for longer whilst in a Ronald McDonald House, compared to sleeping on their child's ward. It is this quality sleep and recuperation that enables our families to properly support each other and their child in hospital.

Our Houses are fitted with everything a family could need to make themselves feel at home. Though it may sound mundane, the provision of facilities such as a laundry room and a kitchen are precisely what allow families to maintain some degree of normality.

The staff in a Ronald McDonald House are also on hand to offer support when needed, such as a listening ear or a chat over a cup of tea. Many Houses organise kids activities such as arts and crafts sessions, birthday parties or special visits, so the children staying with us feel supported and looked after during their time away from friends at home. Other communal activities such as 'Waffle Wednesday' or 'Film Friday' bring families together so they can share experiences; Peer-to-peer support is so invaluable during these times.  

Where possible we also provide day services for families who either don’t require a room or who, due to demand, we are unable to accommodate. These services run from simply allowing them some space and time to rest away from the ward, to the extension of our laundry and cooking facilities and their inclusion in various House events.

Jim Elsey Claims his second Shrewsbury & District Darts League Summer charity Title



First match of the evening was the Summer cup between the Charles Darwin and the Rock, with the Charles Darwin clinching the title 4-3.


Game 1: James Mansell 0 v 2 Glyn Humphries - Glyn took the early lead 1-0 with James missing the Bull then missing 3 chances to take the lead which included 112,100 start by James but to see Glyn win on double 1.The second leg both players showed what they could do with James missing double 8 to reduce the score to 1-1 with a scores of 20,100,85,80(missing double 8) so Glyn then took the second leg in reply to James's score with 16,145,93and 32 out in 2 darts.

Game 2:Kacey Jones 2 v 0 Buddy Buddryk - Kacey brought the deficit to 1-1 for the Charles Darwin with finishing on 30 in 3 darts in the 1st leg with Buddy missing doubles then Kacey took the second leg with double 18.

Game 3:Jon Mansell 0 v 2 Sam Hamilton - Sam took the first leg with Jon missing Double 20 to take the lead but with Sam replying with 105,60,60 76out in 3 darts. The second leg Sam capitalised on Jon's missed doubles with Sam replying with 100,100,49,52 out in 2 darts, to retake the Rock's lead to 2-1

Game 4:Ian Evans 2 v 0 Sean Saunders - Ian took an early lead against Sean finishing on 96 (1,57,38) and the second leg Ian capitalised on Sean's missed doubles to take the second leg with 150,59,32,20,40 out which in the reply Sean scored 97,100. Ian reduced the Rock's lead to 2-2.

Game 5:Steve Guyatt 2 v 1 Derek Box - Steve went into a 1-0 lead against Derek with 85,100,60,56 out but that didnt stop Derek from reducing the lead to 1-1 with 25,100,60,60,56 out with Steve missing the bull in the 2nd. The third leg Steve got of to a good start with 94 with Derek's reply of 60 but with Steve capitalising in the 3rd leg Steve went out on 52 in 2 darts to take the Charles Darwin's lead to 3-2

Game 6:Dave Evans 0 v 2 Vaughan Owens - Vaughan reduced the deficit for the Rock to 3-3 with Vaughan winning both legs on Double 9 in the first and 32 (16,D8) in 2 darts in the second.

Game 7:Scott Dockerty 2 v 0 Ian Hutchings - Scott took the first leg with Double 5 which started with 100 start, in the second leg Scott continued where he left off with 20,100,100,21 and to complete the win for the Charles Darwin finishing on 60 in 2 darts.


Second match was the Mixed Doubles between Jason Davies / Molly Atter (Masonic) and Andi Jones / Barry Thompson (Charles Darwin) with Masonic winning 3 - 0.


1st leg the Masonic took advantage ofthe Charles Darwin's missed doubles with Masonic finishing on 16 in 3 darts, the 2nd leg this was much closer but for the Masonic pair to take the lead to 2-0 finishing 26 in 3 darts, in the 3rd leg the Masonic scored 40,51,100,15,100,75 and 20 in one dart to secure the mixed doubles title 3-0.


Third Match was the new Three a Side competition which a trophy was donated by Jim Elsey in memory of his father Tom Elsey. The Shed (charles darwin) v Charles Darwin.


The shed took an early lead with Double 20 being the winning double which also included 2 ton+ scores but the Charles Darwin reduced the deficit to 1-1 and capatilised on missed doubles, the shed the went into a 2-1 lead with the shed finishing on 6 in two darts but back came the Charles Darwin to take the match to 2-2, but in the third leg, the shed was too much for the Charles Darwin trio, which had scores of 45,100,85,60,110,48 57 out which the Shed winning the match 3-2. In the match there was 12 ton+ scores between both teams.


Fourth Match was the ladies singles between Kirsty Jenks (Heathgates) v Ann Price (AIHG) with Ann winning 3-1.


Kirsty took the first leg against Ann finishing 38 in 2 darts, but Ann replied back with a 12 dart leg in the second with 76,84,99 42 out, then Ann went into a 2-1 lead with double 20. ANn then completed the triumph with Double 4 to complete a 5th Ladies Singles title.


Fith match was the doubles between Scott Towers / Sean Reade (Heathgates) v Graham Filder / Mal Griffiths (H.S.C.) with the pair from the Heathgates winning 3-0.


The Heathgates went into the lead with 56 finish which included 3 ton+ scores in that game, then they went into a 2-0 lead with 4 ton+ scores in that game with the Gates pair finishing on 9 (44,100,140,81,100,27,9) the Heathgates pair then completed the 3-0 win with finishing on 16, with H.S.C missing doubles.


Final Match the final match off the evening was the singles between Jim Elsey (Masonic) v Steve Ocallaghan (Masonic) with Jim Elsey winning 3-0.


Jim claimed his second singles title against his fellow team captain,with the 1st leg 79,59,45,53,65out to take the lead 1-0, the 2nd leg was also close with Steve missing the bull to take out 82 but with Jim scoring 140 on his way he then finished on 38 to take the match to 2-0 but the 3rd leg was also close with Steve scoring 92,41,100 but failing to win the leg but for Jim to win the Match in style with a 110 finish winning leg was 41,90,60,110.


Singles Champion Jim Elsey (Left)


Doubles winners Scott Towers / Sean Reade (Left)

Ladies Singles

Ladies Singles winner Ann Price (Right)

Summer Cup

Winners Charles Darwin

Mixed Doubles

Winners -Jason Davies / Molly Atter (Masonic - Left)

Three a side

Winners -The Shed (Charles Darwin- Right)

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