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Doubles Draw

To be played on the night, 4 boards.

To be played on Friday 11th August 2017



Venue: Harlescott Social Club




Board A (Stage)  I.C. Neil Evans


Steve Felton / Gavin Mcdonnell

Sean Watton / Gerry Hughes

A & James Taylor

Chris Griffiths / Leah Hatton

M Griffiths / A Brad-bould

Neil Evans & Partner

S Meacham / G Turner

M Price / T Brookes

D Wainwright / N Butler

Steve Dougall / Sandra Barlow

Vayghan Owens / Paul Rowley


Board B (Board by the Stage)   I.C. Graham Page


Tim Franks / Chris Bramall

Kevin Evans / Steve Guyatt

Steve Davies / Grahm Page

Phil Atter / John Ocallaghan

Steve Davies / D Scott

Scott Towers / Sean Reade

M Ryan / D Wilding

H & Z Roberts

Ian Evans / Dan Jones

Jason Davies / Steve Hollinger

I & B Preece


Board C (Board by entrance)   I.C. Mitch Page


Bob Wynn / M Morris

D O'neil / Terry Lee

Steph Clarke / Ryan Kenny

Mark Quinn / Matt Hyde

S Edwards / A Forbes

D Coldwood / Craig Bramall

M Lander / Jake Elsey

Tim Hughes / Glenn Sewell

A & C Walker

R Rice / G Turner

Tom Binding / Mitch Page


Board D (Pool Room)  I.C. Dave Evans


J & M Taylor

S Pugh & Partner

Will Smale / Nathan Bowen

Steve Senior / Ad Donnelly

Tony Wilson / Ade Powell

S & T Belch

Willie Arthur / Chris Parkes

Soxy / Jim Elsey

Karen Weston / Mike Simpson

Dave Evans / James Mansell

Andy Perkins / Mick Driver


Draw for each board will be made on the night by I.C.


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